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Author: PureWaterWarrior

Bottled Water Recall Expanded To Central New York Tops

It appears the bottle water recall that effected Wegman’s shoppers now effects shoppers at Tops locations across Central New York, and even 7/11 locations.

On Monday June 22nd, we told you about the Wegmans recall. Now that recall has been expanded. reports that recall from Niagara Bottling happened immediately after the company was informed of the potential presence of E. coli at the spring source. The Niagara Bottling recall only affects spring water (not purified water) manufactured at their Hamburg and Allentown facilities.
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New York City’s Water Towers

With their quaint barrel-like contours and weathered cedar-plank sides, rooftop water towers are a constant on the New York City skyline. And though they may look like relics of a past age, millions of residents get their drinking water from the tanks every day. Continue reading

All DRINKING WATER comes from sewage.

There is a deep disconnect between what people care about and what the government is willing to act on. From agricultural pollution to industrial waste to pollution stemming from sprawl and urban runoff, a lack of political will means poor planning and scarce funding and ultimately leads to pollution that begins upstream and ends up at the tap. Continue reading

21st Century Pollution

In 1976 when the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), our nation’s main chemical safety law was passed, 62,000 chemicals were already in use. All of these chemicals were grandfathered by TSCA; that means they were simply presumed to be safe, and EPA was given no mandate to determine whether they are actually safe. Even to require testing of these chemicals under TSCA, EPA must first provide evidence that the chemical may pose a risk – a toxic Catch-22.

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WATER Security

If you’re relatively in control of your life, the logical question is who is in control of your water?

Water security worldwide is threatened, more now than in the past 60 years. Public access to clean consumable water is under attack from private water companies; as they grow public access to consumable water supplies will diminish. Continue reading