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Steam Distilled Drinking Water Distribution Networks

What is a Network?

A network is a configuration for distributing steam-distilled water from a central location where it is produced, to more than one location of use.

A network consists of tubing, fittings and dispensers all connected back to the central distiller.

Here is a Typical Network:

The Pure Water distiller is installed in the mechanical room (center right above). From there it is linked to dispensers by dedicated water lines which can be run above the drop ceiling or on the walls near the base-board. When a consumer takes water from the dispenser the water is immediately replaced by a pressure-activated pump built into the distiller.

What are the Advantages of a Network?

  • Provide water to multiple locations.
  • Replace bottled-water and its ramifications.
  • No bottled-water delivery intrusion.
  • Improves in-house security.
  • No heavy bottles to lift.
  • No clutter of full and empty bottles.
  • Much less expensive in the long run
  • Can provide different amounts of water to different locations as demand dictates without outages.
  • Higher overall security.
  • Distiller can be located in mechanical room out-of-sight.
How big are the Networks?
    2 or three cooler dispensers or in the case of a dental office to 3 or 4 dental chairs + autoclave.
    up to 15 coolers or equivalent can be networked and up to 200 people served
    a complete facility serving up to 1,000 or more people can be served.